Friday, 30 November 2012

The Puppet Show

Our video team at the soundlab have made a new video with some fantastic Puppets.
In this episode our puppets Ms L and Furry Fuse are trying to find the next big thing in music. The The Puppets take a long at some live performances and the media interviewed Craig about his musical aspirations, his training and his songs at the sound lab.

Watch out for future shows from our Fantastic presenters.

Young People at the Workshops

Some more of the talented musicians.
A live performance coming soon
Watch This Space !!


The New Velodrome opens its doors.

Following our community visit to the Velodrome young Darren Murray age 9 could not wait to get on his bike at the Velodrome!!
 Move over Sir Chris Hoy!!! our youngsters will be the stars of the future! :-)

Music and Performance

The Soundlab has run various music workshops with young people in Tollcross.
This includes drumming, guitar and piano workshops to name a few. Some of the young people have performed in venues around Glasgow.

Check out the pictures and have a listen to the audio track from the Soundlab Radio Show  


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A day with the Soundlab crew at the ymca loads of good drumming

A day with the Soundlab crew at the ymca loads of good drumming ,spinning and film making.This week the music workshop got together with the media workshop to explore ways of working together. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Media Workshops Week 1

The Sound Lab Media workshops in Tollcross.

Mandy and her two children have been learning about film making skills in Tollcross,Glasgow and this is the first film they have made together.

 In this fist video the team ask Pauline McCulley a little bit about the Sound Labs history.

 It was wonderful to see Mandy interviewing, her daughter Saskia filming and her young son recording the sound. An inter generational group working together.